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What can Hypno-Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

help you with?

Hypno-Psychotherapy has helped people with many different problems and ailments. The following list is not exhaustive so if you do not find the issue you want help with, please contact Sophie Cresswell at You Can be…for a free telephone consultation on 01844 208515

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Self Esteem
motivation Motivation
doubts Doubts
anxiety Anxiety
achievement Achievement
assertiveness Assertiveness
insomnia  Insomnia
obsessions Obsessions
performance Performance
panic attacks Panic Attacks
sadness Sadness
relationship problems Relationships
blushing Blushing
positive thinking Positive Thinking
unemploytment Unemployment
sweating Sweating
coping with success Success
timidity / shyness Timidity/Shyness


Fears/ Phobias
sexual problems Sexuality
ulcers Ulcers
driving nerves Driving Nerves
bereavement / loss Bereavemant/Loss
stomach problems Stomach Issues
guilt Guilt
irritable bowel syndrome / ibs IBS
stage fright Stage Fright
frustration Frustration
pain Pain
presentation Presentation
counselling Counselling
eczema Eczema
concentration Concentration
memory Memory
assertiveness Assertiveness
sport Sport
Children's Clinic
bed wetting Bed Wetting
travel sickness Travel Sickness
thumb sucking Thumb Sucking
stress Stress
nail biting Nail Biting
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