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Maternity Coaching

Having a baby is one of the biggest transitions that women can face,  Maternity Coaching provides important and effective support during a critical period of transition.  This programme is designed to support both women and their employers to overcome the challenges of the maternity work gap.

One-to-one Maternity Coaching Programme:

A four or six session programme that supports women before, during and after maternity leave.  Each session addresses key needs and issues that arise at critical times during pregnancy, maternity leave and on return to work. Each session is tailored to individual requirements.  

The Maternity coaching programme can also be delivered in a group coaching format, these half day programmes offer a cost-effective option for women at all levels within an organisation.  Run in an informal and highly interactive format, they build in individual time for reflection and planning.

Managing and Enjoying your Maternity Leave is aimed at women in the months prior to their maternity leave.  This will take a practical and holistic approach to building up to maternity leave.

Returning to Work is aimed at supporting women within the first six months of their return to work.

The programmes are designed to ensure stress-free maternity leaves through high levels of planning and communication.  In addition the programmes includes a programme of pre-natal, natal and post-natal relaxation tecniques.
All maternity programmes incorporate the very latest research on coaching women through this major transition. Making the journey easier and more productive for both employer and employee.

Sophie Cresswell offers Hypno-Psychotherapy and self-hypnosis coaching for pain control and relaxation during pregnancy, the birthing process and post natally.

Emma Kavanaugh at Mum’s the Word Nanny Agency offers a preferential rate for women who are returning to work

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