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Weight Issues - Weight Loss, Healthy Eating & Dieting

For many of us the relationship between food, diet and exercise is linked to emotional factors, we know what we should do to become a healthy weight but do not have the motivation to do so.

The following can all lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise;

Stress Confidence
Lifestyle Habit
Reluctance to show feelings Inadequate diets
Low self-esteem Food related reward systems
Poor body image  

For many people, whilst dieting helps weight loss in the short term, the results are unsustainable and the weight inevitably creeps back on. This is because dieting does not - and cannot - address the underlying subconscious impulse.
Results consistently show that it is the people who successfully manage to change the role that food plays in their lives who are able to control their long term weight.

Hypno-Psychotherapy can help you;

• Explore the emotional triggers for overeating

• Strengthen motivation for change
• Find suitable weight control/eating strategies

• Find the lifelong skills to commit to permanent change

These insights allow you to move forward by developing new habits and beliefs, and equipping you with the strategies and mindset that will help you let go of the bad habits and false beliefs that have made it so difficult for you to manage your weight successfully in the past.

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