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What is NLP

or Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Imagine what your life would be like if, when you were at school, you had been taught how to positively regulate your thoughts, mind processes, feelings and actions - allowing you to more easily develop self confidence and a positive attitude to life. You learned how to use letters and numbers, N.L.P. can teach you how to use your mind.

N.L.P. offers a collection of tools and techniques that have been developed to help people reach their full potential. N.L.P. can help you make the best of the unconscious programs you already have running through your mind. It can help you manage and, if necessary, change your thoughts and emotional states. You learn to control your mind rather than allowing it to control you.

The N.L.P. Tools and Techniques can help with: -

• Building confidence and self worth.
• Controlling habits and addictions.
• Controlling anxiety, fears and phobias.
• Enhancing performance at work and play.
• Enhancing effective communication techniques.
• Accelerating learning.
• Finding creative ways to manage problems.
• Managing thoughts, feelings and actions.
• Having a positive attitude to life and understanding the meaning of happiness.

N.L.P. is based on the study of success. For over thirty years experts developing N.L.P. have investigated the behaviour and thinking styles of particularly effective and successful people in business, education, sales, therapy, sport, and personal development. The most important traits of these individuals have been assembled to form the N.L.P. model we know today. This model continues to evolve as new successes and thinking styles come to light.

Sophie Cresswell atNeuro-Linguistic Programming uses N.L.P. as an integral part of the therapeutic process. She also offers N.L.P. workshops in Education and Play settings.

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